CrookTec LLC

Big Software by Small Town Locals


As Full-Stack Developers, we can own the development lifecycle and put software on any device from the web, iOS, and Android. We also build websites from scratch to give your website a unique look. We have skilled and creative developers that can build just what you are looking for. We are up to the challenge! We also provide hosting for a small rate of $120 per year.

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Webpage and UI Design

One thing we guarantee is that you will get to be involved in every step of how your website looks. Our designer creates wireframes and prototypes of your website or app and lets you verify them before we continue onward. We ensure that your website or app will look exactly how you want it to. We can also create logos and business cards.

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info@crooktec.com      307-886-4550

Who We Are

Tanner Crook

Tanner makes things work. He has enjoyed working with computers and databases for about 10 years. He has the skills to help you have the perfect app that won't only work, but it will look great as well.

Alee Rees

Alee makes things look good. She designs and develops the layout and movement of all apps and websites created at CrookTec LLC. She will be sure to give you the look you want for your websites and apps.

Cameron Crook

Cameron is our intern. He is a quick learner and is willing to get to work and get his hands dirty. Whatever the challenge is, Cameron is up to the task!

We know we are small, but we've got game! You may ask, what makes us different than anyone else? Well...we are family. We grew up working together, playing together, and now building together. We love what we do, and we love to work together. While you are doing business with us, we want you to feel like you are part of our family. You can be sure that we will take care of you...because that's what family does.